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Overwatch Competitive Team

Overwatch Competitive Team

Name: Demolition and Pyromaniacs Inc.

Tag: [DPI] or dpi.


To give all involved the opportunity to participate within the competitive arena; whether that be in scrims, leagues, tournaments or cups. As you can see below, there is a plethora of options available to us:


EnemyDown is currently down (no pun intended!) but from what I have read, they will also be offering a variety of stages to perform on.

Mission Statement:

Having been in a high level competitive team in the past, I am all too aware of the positive and pitfalls the experience has to offer. I feel it is really important to outline a mission statement which we all agree on. This is OUR team. No one is better than anyone else and nothing will work if we don’t work cohesively and coherently together! Below are some of my thoughts; it would be great if you guys could make some suggestions or challenge anything which you don’t agree with.

• HAVE FUN! Yes, we do want to win, but we all play video games for the same reason (apart from Smily who wants to crush his victims and piss on them) and that is for fun! Let’s keep that in mind please!

• Be mindful and appreciative of one another’s real life commitments. We all have varying lives. We are made up of professionals, students, no-lifers, sociable individuals, unsociable individuals… some of us even have partners! We will need to secure times which we train “seriously” and when we play matches, but let’s remember to recognise each other’s real life commitments.

• Flat group hierarchy. What I am referring to here general decision making and team make-up. We should ALL discuss and have a say in team matters. No one should rule with an iron fist. I am more than happy to head up the ESL stuff and “captain” the team, but I see that as no more than being the point of contact and the organiser of matches.

• Sticking to team roles during competitive match ups. One thing which we can begin discussing is which heroes we all want to focus on. I think the best approach is that everyone should be prepared to play any role (the match can often require a line-up change) but also have a designated selection of heroes which they favour playing and that they the “more able” of the group. By this what I mean is that if there is a Reinhardt needed… I feel I’d be the more able in department due to hours played on them. Typos seems like a solid Widowmaker choice also for obvious reasons. Smily… Mercy etc etc… What should eventually happen is that we can easily discuss who should be playing what when we decide we need a certain line up. I hope I’ve made sense there?

• Try new stuff! It think it’s safe to say that given this game has had people playing competitive since the alpha (over a year ago) we will be behind! Let’s put an initial focus on training and practising strategies. If we have this attitude and look at improvement rather than always just winning I think we will make much more progress in the long run!

FilthyOstriC (Caller) – initially, this isn’t final.

I hope I haven’t missed one out, scared that I have! I think initially this may be enough but it may be worth getting a few others in to cover people who are busy etc… obviously if Darkrow wants to join he can!

Let me know what you think lads!