SWTOR Patch 1.2 will be out tomorrow!

Happy now? :)

Assassin Vs Assassin sponsored by Zybak

Worst Head Gear EVER?!

Ok, so we all know there are some pretty horrendous skins out there, but c'mon? Seriously?!

Modelling this aerodynamic fashion disaster is none other than... MISERY!

Gratz to misery on his first ever level capped MMO char!

Seeing as Misery has never level capped a char before (not even on WoW!) I thought i'd make record of this epic moment!

misery level 50



Here we are again, New site is up


So, this is where i call for help down here, since it's a nice opportunity for our community and guild to thrive.

I'm most certainly not the best so some things might not work, but.. if you have suggestions, i'm all ears.

The layout is VERY basic and some functionalities like the editor or admin permissions are still in the works, but the forum's up and running and i want you to spam this shit.

I'm gonna set up a basic wiki-like system for people to create pages with guides or random informations about the game.

Just.. watch this.


Brand new sh*t

Hello folks! I've been working on the old site and forums in order to publish a working platform for our clan and guild to grow a little, keeping things fresh. The forums are now online on this same software and hopefully we'll be able to bring out a few more nice features out of this.

I wanted also to say hi to all of the new members that joined our SW:TOR guild recently and thank them for the epic matches they helped us to achieve.

Well there you go, now sign up on the forums!